Presear Softwares become the first company to be associated with the "Swavalambi Chhattisgarh Abhiyan"

20% of Presear's total recruitment will be through the Swavalambi Chhattisgrah Portal - Says Abhijit, the Executive Director

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Abhijit Tripathy, the Executive Director of PSPL announces their official involvement in hiring on the Swavalambi Chhattisgarh Portal. The portal is made with a vision to provide a platform for the students to "Earn while learn". "20% of our total hiring, will be through the swavalambi Chhattisgarh portal and we are soon looking forward to increasing our involvement" - says the director.

Swavalambi Chhattisgarh scheme is a flagship program of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya aiming at the holistic development of young students by way of honing the inherent skills in such a way that they become economically self-reliant during their education as well as after their education is completed.

For more details visit - Swavalambi Chhattisgarh

Presear Softwares is an in-house Startup at Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, started by Abhijit Tripathy, from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Learn more about Presear -